Who Is: Paul Hanrieder
Paul Hanrieder is a self awakened man that has embodied his Divine Masculine self to live a life of truth, integrity and self love with love for all.   He has awakened and has great intuition and insight into others that permits him to work as a Hollow Bone Healer/Guide - to work directly with your Higher Self to allow the exact healing you need to pass through him to you for Your Highest Good and most rapid transformation.

Paul is a great student of the human condition and has invested his entire life in exploring and simplifying the complexity of living a human life in this current world.
He has spent his life in pursuit of a deeper truth and exploration of self to conquer trauma, societal programming, lineage/epigenetic influences and his own self doubt.   He has worked deeply to comprehend these things to become a Wayshower and example for others so they can find their own way with less struggle and discomfort.  He has begun to live his life purpose and it is his passion doing this work. 

Paul has gifts of Clair-Sentience (Clear knowing) and embodied awareness of many gifts and skills learned in past lives that he brings to bear in working with others.   He was University trained as an Engineer and has deep knowledge of Science and Technology and these all permit him to solve complex problems, break them down and see the roots of those problems to shift them rapidly and then to use in working with people to reprogram their blocks through words, questions and catalysts to bring clarity, healing and transformation.   It has also trained him deeply in ethics and integrity to ensure no harm and to render the truest process to bring rapid loving outcomes for those who trust him in their care.   Paul has also trained extensively in many forms and shamanic lineages of Sacred Sexual practices and healing and he also brings to bear his own personal first hand experiences - he has refined them into a powerful modality that hasn't existed until combined in this way.   Much of his knowledge is channeled information that was deeply hidden and repressed over the last 2000 years - used to control and take our power away as humans.   His knowledge is broad and deep and not available currently from any other source.   He also has a great calling/purpose to share that knowledge with all and build places to learn and experience these things to transform us all into embody our personal Freedom, Love and Light.   He works from the heart and with your Higher Self to transmute any blocks quickly and with great compassion and Unconditional Love.  His highest purpose is to minimize struggle, pain and fear by bringing into the light as quickly as possible.   Using all facets of what I have learned to help you begin to feel pleasure, ease and joy in your body so you can smile, love and feel good once again.   It is your birthright as a human being!

He is powerfully equipped to work you through any problem to help you awaken yourself and can also work with deep levels of trauma, including sexual - to rapidly move you to a place of freedom and self Love.

Paul has also pioneered a process called Awakening Through Sexuality that helps people reclaim their birthright of sexual pleasure, purity and innocence so they can rapidly awaken and take their life back.   This process is rapidly transformative and only for people that feel compelled to explore this process. 
Paul Hanrieder is based near Calgary, Alberta - Canada and has lived there for over 25 years.   He is divorced and has 3 boys that he loves deeply. 
To Reach me - try one of the following: Paul@livingyourlight.net or paul@sexualityrising.com 
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