How to receive Guidance/Love from this Community
Below is a list of the Wayshowers we have available to support you in your time of need.
Each of these individuals have awoken and have entered into the new space we are all transitioning into (the whole world.)  
They have amazingly deep perspectives on the old reality we are all transitioning from and have completed their own awakening processes - dark nights of the souls - trauma releases - trigger processing - Self Love transition - Inner Alchemizations and transmutations.  Their incredible insights and choices to be Wayshowers in this time of need has given them great gifts to quickly help people, who ask for help, to rapidly transition through these times of transition, confusion and anxiety.    They will show you how to ground, breathe, quiet your mind and begin to love yourself.   They will help you become aware of what is happening and they will show alternative perspectives and ways of rising above and becoming aware of your body, your emotions and your heart.
They may share healing and grounding energies or their personal perspectives to help you find a way through what you are experiencing.   They will contact the higher parts of your being and work with them to guide you through these rough spots and find balance so your experience is easier, less traumatic and more in alignment with LOVE, HAPPINESS and PEACE.
Please note - these persons are not medical or psychological professionals and have no medical or mental illness certifications - They DO however have real life experience in personally transitioning through all levels of Awakening and Ascension Energies and problems.   They have the support of others in our team to support anything that may be new, to give you the highest level of support through these troubled and murky waters.   Each of the Wayshowers is deeply compassionate and caring and will be deeply supportive in your session and the journey to finding peace and self love.

In an Emergency you can download our "Survival Guide for Change" or watch our "video version of the Guide"

PLEASE note there is a great demand at this time for these services - so please know we will always support you in the agreed time format, but also need to support others in their scheduled times - so sessions will always start and end on the agreed times.    All sessions must be paid in advance of the session before the session can begin.

Please review the Bios of our team below - once you decide who fits best, or choose - "let the universe decide" - you will then be inserted into our system to be contacted - we will do our best to contact you within 24 hours.
Once contacted we will spend 10-15 minutes in a consultation to hear your issues and assess if we can assist you with your problem and then schedule a time to do a session.
All sessions are scheduled in 60 minute increments and we will schedule the number of increments to cover your session based on your assessment.   If you haven't received a contact back after 48 hours - please email and someone will contact you.

Paul Hanrieder
Paul Hanrieder is a Awakened Empath and Light Healer that connects with You and Your Higher Self to rapidly guide you to new self awareness and release you from Limiting Beliefs, Pain, Trauma, Deep emotion and anything else that is blocking you from Your Highest Realization of Self.
Paul has been trained in a large number of mixed modalities and works at a Shamanic level to unearth facets of yourself that may be sabotaging you and hiding in your shadow,    Paul's process is direct and is often conversational based along with Energetic to bring forward the facets that are causing the blockages for rapid transformation and change.   Paul has worked through many of his levels of awakening and offers a common sense approach based on his experience to show you a new way!
Anya Day

My name is Anya and I am your support sister. I am an intuitive channeler & creative based in Los Angeles. I am here to share my gift of healing with you in order to help mirror the truth within.

Anya loves guiding freshly sparked empaths & creatives on their journey to healing. Her favorite tools include journaling, mindfulness, and breathwork. She’s passionate about supporting others, finding their own light within and restoring their magnetism. Having spent time in darkness, she has a lot to offer and is very active in the spiritual community. It’s not a case of how much can she assist you, it’s a case of how far do you want to go.


Let the Universe Decide
If they all seem great and you want to surrender to the universe picking for you.  Please select this option.
We will select based on our intuition who will be the best overall match.